6 Best Careers for INFPs

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    6 Best Careers for INFPs

    What's a good career option for INFP personality types?

    To help you identify careers that are good for INFP personality types, we asked career coaches and experienced recruiters this question for their best insights. From HR or Recruiting to Content Strategist, there are several career options that may best fit people with INFP personalities.

    Here are six good career options for INFP personality types:

    • HR or Recruiting
    • Social Worker
    • Entrepreneur
    • Counselor
    • Jobs Requiring Creativity and Empathy
    • Content Strategist

    HR or Recruiting

    Because INFPs are considered “mediators” or “idealists,” a potential career in HR or recruitment would be ideal. INFPs are one of the rarer personality types, and tend to be quiet, open-minded, and possess a caring approach to everything they set their minds to. Their creativity is perfect for working closely with individuals which is a key role for HR representatives. Additionally, INFPs are amazing at connecting with other personalities, which recruiters do on a daily basis. Consider these careers if you are an INFP yourself, you won’t go wrong!

    Jonathan Zacharias, GR0

    Social Worker

    Also known as “Mediators,” INFP personality types are fantastic as social workers. Because they are so personable, they can connect with and make a difference in the lives of people who are struggling. Social workers can help communities as a whole, by assessing client’s needs, strengths, and support networks. Additionally, social workers are there for the changes and challenges of life, such as unemployment, illness, or relationship problems. INFPs are true empaths, which is why social work is a perfect career choice.

    Jorge Vivar, Mode


    Entrepreneurship is a great path for INFP personality types. For example, successful entrepreneurs are the most thoughtful of all of us, always going inside themselves to think about what can make something better and how to go about doing that. The intuition and creativity that are characteristic of INFP personality types are the qualities that entrepreneurs need to be innovative and disruptive, learning from within and coming out with huge new ideas.

    Trey Ferro, Spot Pet Insurance


    INFPs often have strong empathy skills, which make them good counselors. This type of work can be very rewarding, as it can help people improve their lives and achieve greater satisfaction in their relationships and careers. Counseling may also involve providing education about different mental health topics, which can be another way to help others while also utilizing your knowledge and skills.

    Gino Louise Reichert, LSAT Prep Hero

    Jobs Requiring Creativity and Empathy

    The INFP personality type, also known as “The Healer” can be described as idealistic and creative. Work-wise, people representing this personality type are often guided not by money or status, but by ideas they associate with. That’s why fitting career options for those with an INFP personality include a plethora of artistic ones, such as fashion or graphic designers, photographers, writers or animators. They might, however, also find themselves drawn to jobs in which their empathy and compassion may shine, such as a psychologist, sociologist, a veterinarian, or an occupational therapist.

    Micha Laszuk, PhotoAiD

    Content Strategist

    INFPs possess a highly inquisitive mind, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence. They are also considered introverted, devoted to causes, and loyal making them the best candidates for a Content Strategist career. That’s because the career requires lots of research, creativity, and discretion. Since INFPs like their solitude, the job will be ideal as they can devote this time to research. The job seems tailored for them because it requires out-of-the-box thinking to solve problems and discretion to prevent company secrets from leaking to competitors.

    Charles Ngechu, EasyPaydayLoan